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Getting rid of Boils through Home Remedies!

Boil is a wound caused by the bacteria and microbes. They are red in color and round in shape. It can occur anywhere on the body such as neck, breasts, under the arms, on the stomach and on the face etc. Once the boils are developed on the body they are very painful and tender to touch. Region of boils become red and gets swelling. As the boil grows yellow pus is filled in it. A head is also formed on the boil. To get better the boil, draining of boil is needed. This is done through many ways. You can use hot water on the boil to drain it. Warm and hot water gives pain relief also. Sometime surgery is needed when the boil doesn’t exhaust by own. Now many home remedies for boils are also available to treat the boil naturally.

Following are the simple and effective home remedies to treat boils.

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Garlic –Extract of garlic is one of the most effective and beneficial home remedy for boils. Applying the extract of garlic on the boil is an ayurvedic medicine. Extracts help in removing the bacteria and germs from the boil and also exhaust the pus. You can also take 2 garlics with your diet for effective and soon result.

Onion – Onion extract plays same action on the boils. Mixture of onion and garlic extract is very beneficial to the germs.

Creams made up of milk – Milk is also one of the best home remedies for boils treatment. Use of milk and cream made up of milk helps to soften the boils and its surface. It opens the mouth of boil and exhausts the pus.

Likewise Bitter gourd, Margosa (neem) and Betel (paan) leaves, Cumin and Turmeric seeds are also helpful in treating boils and removing the puss.

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Beside this taking healthy diet is also very important for proper growth of cells and tissues. Balance diet helps to keep the body free from the disease. Patient suffering from boils can take orange juice, cereals, fresh fruits, green vegetables and grams etc. in daily diet. Patient should not take oily foods, chocolates and sweet. It is recommended to avoid any soft or hard drink and any drink which has caffeine.

Daily exercise is also needed for normal bowel actions because it helps to remove harmful materials from the body. Always use antibacterial soaps and antibiotic lotions on the boil because it prevents the development of bacteria and spread of germs to other.