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How to Treat a Boil Infection

A boil infection can be difficult and irritating to cure at times if proper precautions are not taken. Although, there are several options that can be used that include home remedies and over the counter medicines as prescribed by the doctor. First of all it is important to know how this infection is caused. Boils are skin infection caused by the bacteria staphylococcus aureous that may enter the body due to compromised or weak immune system.

Generally this infection is present beneath the skin and is initially tender and reddish in appearance. It may cause great pain and discomfort on touching. There are certain remedies that are quite effective for the treatment of a boil infection. Application of hot compress is effective in minimizing the stinging pain. It also helps in the formation of head for the pus to drain out easily. Draining of pus is important for the healing of a boil.

Hygiene should be maintained around the boil infected area. It should be regularly washed with antibacterial soap. Pus is highly contagious and can cause infection to spread to other parts as well. So it is essential to apply a bandage over the affected area as precautionary measures.

Generally boil has a tendency of self eruption within a week and one should patiently wait for boil to drain out. Never attempt to poke or squeeze the boil infection as this may cause the pus to spread to other parts as well. If it does not drain on its own, consulting a doctor for further medical help is considered as wise step.