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Boils on Outer Thigh

Boils on outer thigh is caused due to various reasons which results in extreme pain on the thighs. Have you ever wondered as to what is the real cause of boil on thighs or any other body parts? Well, boils are infection of cutaneous and subcutaneous layers of the skin caused by staphylococcus Aureous bacteria residing over there. It may easily enter your body through open wounds or crack and spread infection.

Initially, a boil is a small bump which is tender in appearance but gradually it gets filled with pus and is known as foliculitis. Allergies due to tight outfit, chemicals present in soap and eczema are some of the other causes of boils on outer thigh. As far as treatment is concerned, draining of pus is important for complete curing of the boils. If you are having boils you need to be little patient and wait for the self eruption of the boils so that the pus drains out through the passage or head.

If the boil does not heal itself, boil lancing is most suitable option but it should be carried out under the supervision of an experienced doctor. As a precautionary measure, one should practice healthy hygiene. As a pain relief, one should apply warm compresses on a regular basis with the help of cotton cloth soaked in warm water or with the help of heating pad. Boils on outer thigh should only be touched after cleaning the hands with good antiseptic soap.

The pus is highly contagious and it is possible that infection may spread from outer thighs to other parts of your body so avoid fingering of the boil. Certain home remedies can also be tried for boils to heal such as applying turmeric paste on the affected area of the thigh. It helps the boil to heal out within few days