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Over view of Furuncle Infection

Furuncle infection also commonly known as boils is an infection of hair follicle. It is quite common and can affect people of any age group. They are not life threatening and generally gets cured by itself without seeking medical treatment. However, if it does not heal up on its own or to speed up the healing process, there is a need to consult a doctor.

What Are its Causes

The main reason behind this infection to develop is staphylococcus bacteria that creep beneath the skin through hair follicle thus resulting in furuncle. Gradually, it gets inflamed and is filled with clear fluid or Pus and causes pain whenever it is touched. Although furuncle infection may occur on any part of the body it is prevalent on neck, face, buttocks, armpit and thighs.

Symptoms of Furuncle

Furuncle causes pain and discomfort due to presence of pus and dead tissues contained within the nodules and thus appear deep red in color. Although furuncles have tendency of self eruption and one should patiently wait for the pus to drain out completely for its proper healing. In some cases, it may cause fever, fatigue and stinging pain that is hard to bear.

Best Possible Treatment

As far as treatment of furuncles is concerned, antibiotics along with warm compresses can be effective. It promotes self draining of the collected pus present within nodule. Generally it takes couple of weeks for the furuncle infection to get cured completely. If it does not heal up within this time frame, surgical lancing can be done under the supervision of experienced doctor. Moreover, the patients are advised to follow good hygiene during this period.