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What is Folliculitis

Folliculitis is another example of skin infection that results due to irritation and bad hygiene. It is a superficial infection of the hair follicle caused due to bacteria. It may also occur due to weak immunity caused due to other chronic disease. It is generally seen in patients with diabetes. It usually affects scalp, face trunk and legs. A simple infection may get healed up within some time and no medical treatment is required as such. However, if folliculitis recurs, proper treatment is required for curing the skin infection.

Various Causes and Symptoms

There are various causes for this skin infection to occur. Staph infection, carbuncles or furuncle may cause recurring folliculitis. Sometimes it is seen that tight clothing causes irritation on skin which may be one of the cause for this infection to develop. Males generally suffer from folliculitis due to shaving in the direction opposite to the growth of hair. Poor hygiene contributes to the growth of bacterial infection infecting the hair follicles present on skin. it generally appears as a small red swollen bumps that is quite itchy and painful to touch.

Prevention and Treatment

Prevention is the best treatment for any disease and it holds good for folliculitis too. It is advised to avoid taking bath in hot tubs and whirlpools as bacteria grow in such environment. One should not share personal belongings with others such as towels, razors, combs to prevent the infection. Try to keep your skin and body dry as much as possible to prevent irritation. It is advised to shave in the direction of hair growth and use medicated shaving gel.

However, one should seek medical treatment for recurring folliculitis. Generally skin ointment for external application is recommended by the doctor. Antibiotics can also be taken to prevent the infection to spread further in future. Alternatively, BoilX can be used for curing folliculitis. It is a natural homeopathic formula for effective results.