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The common causes of boils!

Boils and pimples are very painful and red in color. It has pus in it which is formed by the bacteria. Boils can take place on any place of the body it may be your face, neck, under the arms or on the stomach. Boils can be treated easily. When the boil become soft generally it is exhausted or drained by own. Their may be couple of pus available in the boil. But sometimes when the boil doesn’t drain by own surgery is needed to exhaust it. Exhaustion of boil gives relief.

But the question is “What causes boil?”. There are various types of boils but only few can give rise to boil. Following are the two major causes of boils:

1. Staph bacteria
2. Toxic situation in the blood stream

Causes of Boils

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Staphylococcus aureus is the scientific name of Staph bacteria. Generally boils are caused when more than one hair follicle are influenced by Staph bacteria. These bacteria always exist in the skin and are very risk-free. This gives mount to boil by invading the skin through a cut, smash in the skin, scratch and even by the sweat glands. After the entrance of staph bacteria the resistant system discharges white blood cells to the entrance point to fight with the disease. These White Blood Cells are known as Neutrophilis. In result, the boil occurs on the skin that is filled with pus containing dead skin cells, white blood cells and bacteria.

What are the Probable Causes of Boils

Toxic situation in the blood stream is also one major cause of boils. Poor diet or harmful routine can make the blood toxic. Devitalize and unstable situation of a person is also a cause of boils. Some definite health troubles make people more at risk to skin disease such as boils like poor hygiene, poor nutrition, diabetes, trouble with the immune system and experience to hard chemicals or creams that annoy the skin.